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A Resource for Independent Agents

The Resource for Independent Agents

The primary goal for us at Upstate, as a life insurance brokerage general agency, is to serve as a resource for independent agents in the Upstate New York region when it comes to the sale of life, annuities, disability income, and long-term care insurance products. For many agents, these product lines are not the primary focus of their business, and they look to general agencies, like us, for related sales and service support to implement this important additional revenue stream. In addition to the income aspect, these product lines serve to solidify good agent-client relationships.

Up-To-Date and Reliable

Agents can rely on us to provide sound advice for individual situations, product proposals from competitive companies, sales support as needed, close monitoring of the underwriting process of policy applications, and prompt delivery of policies. We pride ourselves on remaining current with the changes in tax law, sales concepts, and product offerings to provide agents a much needed service on behalf of their clients of which they can be proud.

We Value Long Term Relationship

Upstate can trace it’s roots to the 1975 formation of Upstate Life Associates, Inc. Some of the personnel have changed, of course, but the vision of prompt, efficient service on behalf of independent agents has never changed. We value the long term relationships we have developed over the years with a good many agents and agencies.

Old Fashioned Service

When it comes to service, we like to think of ourselves as a bit old-fashioned. That is, when you call, you will get a live person to answer your call. And when we meet, it will be at your office or the client’s place of business. Of course, you can expect prompt response in an e-mail or fax for any proposal/illustration requested.

Let’s Discuss Your Situation

We invite you to call to discuss your situation and your client’s needs that we may jointly develop a plan with the best answers for each, offered through our quality insurance companies. To learn a little about the backgrounds and roles of our staff, please visit the bios section. Call us at (315) 422-9281 or (800) 431-7773. Or e-mail us at the addresses in our bios. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Very Best,
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